Pet Memorial Registration and File Upload FAQ/Instructions

If you would like to upload images, videos or audio files to memorialize the life of your pet, please read the following instructions so as to make using this part of the site an easy experience.

  1. After clicking the "Click Here To Return To Our Pet Memorial Section" below, select Register from the menu.

  2. Read our terms and conditions, if you agree, please click I agree.

  3. On the next page, complete the form, enter the confirmation code, and click Submit Registration.

  4. Once submitted, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered on the registration page. Once you receive the e-mail, please click the link to activate your account. On the activated page, click Continue, then Login and enter your e-mail address and the associated password.

  5. You are now logged in. To upload a file, please select Upload file from the top menu. On this page, select the Album name, then click the Browse button to locate the file(s) you want to upload, select the file(s) and they will be immediately uploaded. Once the file(s) is uploaded and you click Continue, you may get this message . . .

    Error You don't have permission to perform this operation.

    If you do, do not be concerned as the uploaded files must be approved by the administrator and until they are, no further editing is allowed. Once approved you may log back into the site and add your Title and Tribute/Description.

    File Type Information:
  • Movie Types Allowed: asf/asx/mpg/mpeg/wmv/swf/avi/mov/flv/mp4
  • Image Types Allowed: jpeg/jpg/png/gif
  • Audio Types Allowed: mp3/midi/mid/wma/wav/ogg/aac
  • Max File Upload Size approx 5Mb
  • Max storage 6 Mb (images, videos, audio)

Video and Image File Sizes: If you have a video or image file that you would like to upload and the file size is over the 5 Mb file size limit we can help. Our Webmaster, for a nominal fee, can resize your image files, and or if you have a video file, can also re-encode the video file(s) into a different format to greatly decrease the file size, and will also upload the finished product to the site.

For More Information about this service, please call Mr. Les Bishop at 239-677-4425

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